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The Glow

 A powerful reflection of the strength of the human spirit 

It was in the summer of 2021 that the inspiration to write "The Glow" came. I remember the moment well. I was finishing up a workout at the gym one Sunday afternoon. While I was stretching this vision popped into my head and the feeling that came with it would spark the words that would follow. Over the years I've had inspired ideas come like this in moments where my mind is relaxed and indirectly focused on an activity that is very familiar. This particular inspired idea seemed to just show up without warning. I've learned that when this happens, whether it be a song or a piece of writing like this, I simply allow it to come through without judgment or manipulation. 


I Am a Spiritual Warrior and My Mission Is Love

Music has always been a form of deep personal expression for me. A way I can be of service and articulate stories and messages that come from spirit through my heart. This blog is intended to be yet another extension of that expression and service and lately I’ve felt the call to return to the keyboard to share my experiences and thoughts about what I perceive to be unfolding around us today. An important message I’ve been called to share. 


Finding A Light Through the Darkness

Forging a positive vision for the future

There’s a wall art word stencil in my living room wall that reads “learn from yesterday – live for today – hope for tomorrow”. It’s interesting how after all these years this quote still provides a constant reminder of such a simple yet powerful message. Each time I’ve reflected on this quote I’ve found the message and meaning seems to deepen a little bit more. Life has a way of presenting us with a constant flow of experiences that send us on a real time roller coaster ride. The ups and downs that we experience in life or what I like to refer to as periods of light and darkness is what gives our lives true meaning. What’s even more powerful is that when we consider the perception with which we look at each of these experiences, the meaning changes. Metaphorically, I like to think of perception like wearing glasses. Wearing one pair with lenses filtered through the energy of love versus another pair with lenses filtered through the energy of fear creates two completely different perceptions of the same experience. When we look at the experience of the current situation we are living and our vision for the future, the question I would pose is which pair of glasses are you wearing?


If You Want to Make God Laugh, Tell God Your Plans

Releasing control and surrendering to a higher perspective

“Where ever there is change, and wherever there is uncertainty, there is opportunity” Mark Cuban. The one thing that’s always been certain is the fact that in life, change is a guarantee. Change isn’t something most of us seek out. As humans, we are physiologically hard wired for survival which means in the face of threat and change, we respond exactly how we are supposed to. The fear response creates panic, resistance and apprehension to the wave of change and uncertainty flooding over us. If you are like me then you are someone that seeks to be “in control” or at the very least seeks to establish the “illusion of control”. As I observe my own reaction and the reaction of others to this current global pandemic experience we are all living, I see the response hard wired within us. 


Marriage - A Spiritual Partnership - What I’ve learned 10 years after saying I Do

Today marks the day my husband Michael and I have been married for ten years. In some ways we can’t believe ten years has gone by and in other ways we can (: (:  I have been trying to come up with the perfect way to say happy anniversary and then it dawned on me, why not write about what having a spouse like Michael these last ten years has meant. Way better than a hallmark card right? I can tell you with absolute certainty that the woman I was before I got married is not the woman I am today...and that’s a good thing! The way I view the sacrament of marriage has changed dramatically. After all these years I’ve come to realize marriage is way more than just a verbal and/or physical commitment. It’s a spiritual partnership and in this blog I’ll share the top reasons I’ve come to understand this to be true. 


About This Blog...

If your new to my website or new to this page, welcome!! I've been looking forward to including this section on my website. My heart has been calling me to expand and pursue this area of writing now for quite some time.

To be “inspired” or as I've also heard the phrase to be “in spirit” to me means to rise and become highest and best version of ourselves in any given moment! 

There are countless opportunities for us all to be inspired and in turn inspire others through our example. I trust that the insights, personal stories and experiences I'll share on this page will find their way to those who are meant to read them just like the music I create will be heard by those who are meant to hear it!

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Love and blessings,

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