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Finding A Light Through the Darkness

Forging a positive vision for the future

There’s a wall art word stencil in my living room wall that reads “learn from yesterday – live for today – hope for tomorrow”. It’s interesting how after all these years this quote still provides a constant reminder of such a simple yet powerful message. Each time I’ve reflected on this quote I’ve found the message and meaning seems to deepen a little bit more. Life has a way of presenting us with a constant flow of experiences that send us on a real time roller coaster ride. The ups and downs that we experience in life or what I like to refer to as periods of light and darkness is what gives our lives true meaning. What’s even more powerful is that when we consider the perception with which we look at each of these experiences, the meaning changes. Metaphorically, I like to think of perception like wearing glasses. Wearing one pair with lenses filtered through the energy of love versus another pair with lenses filtered through the energy of fear creates two completely different perceptions of the same experience. When we look at the experience of the current situation we are living and our vision for the future, the question I would pose is which pair of glasses are you wearing?

The lenses of love and fear

Many spiritual teachings will tell us there are only two forces that exist in the universe, love and fear. The very building blocks of life can then be separated in to two categories, each with their own distinct and powerful energetic vibration. It’s taken me many years to identify how these two forces shape reality and I’m still learning. What I’ve come to understand is that perception is simply a thought or a collection of thoughts about any given moment. Thoughts are things and the thoughts we create hold a distinct energetic signature, they are powerful and once we send them out, the universe responds by sending us more thoughts and experiences in our reality that match that energy. Albert Einstein said, “the world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. Learning from my past and my experience with anxiety, I now see that I had developed a pattern of perceiving my future through the lens of fear. I refer to this personal experience often because it’s been one of my greatest teachers and I know there are many who can relate and benefit from my experience. My mind had become conditioned to respond automatically to the point of panic attacks that would sometimes last for days.

Beyond the physical experience of panic, I was also having a series of unwanted life experiences that seemed to unfold in a set pattern. It has taken a lot of time and professional help but once I identified and began to dismantle the mind loop patterns of fear based thought that kept me feeling anxious, my perception about the future began to shift. Looking at the future through the lens of love brings so much hope and excitement. There’s a sense of freedom, enthusiasm and childlike adventure of the unknown that creates peace and contentment in the present. I’ll be perfectly honest when I say I’ve been interchanging which set of lenses I’ve been looking through as this global pandemic has unfolded over that last few weeks.  Because of my conscious awareness of perception and knowing I have a choice, I catch myself looking through the lens of fear less frequently. I immediately focus on thoughts of a higher vibration, switching those glasses and before long the eternal optimist in me begins to re-surface once again.

Forging a positive vision for the future

“Sometimes to find the light, you have to go through the deepest darkness” Jared Leto. Perhaps we could see this present global experience we are living as a sort of period of darkness. It is in this darkness then that light will eventually emerge. This is such a powerful example of looking at an experience through the lens of love. Where there’s love, there’s faith and trust. Where there’s love, there’s hope. The most difficult part about making this shift of perception is that we’ve literally been conditioned to respond in fear. I’d even go so far as to say we’ve been programmed through exposure. Watch the mainstream news and within minutes take note of how you feel. I’ve always been very careful at how much negative, fear based information I allow myself to be exposed to. I’ve developed a greater sense of discernment when filtering through information “having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing”. I’ve even come to the point of choosing not to watch certain movies or shows because of violence and negative storylines.

Even the people I surround myself with, my “tribe” as I like to call them, has changed over the years. In order to forge a positive vision for the future we need to be willing to move out of a state of fear and negativity in to a state of love and positivity. It’s a conscious choice that will take some effort and at times courage not to think, speak or act like a vast majority of people. In this state those that choose this path of perception and being become the light that shines in the darkness. This time might just be the perfect opportunity for each of us to make the shift and evolve in to what we’re called to be. A light for others. Perhaps that’s what the world and the future we are co-creating together needs now more than ever.

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