Dirty Up Good Receiving Great Support at Country Radio!

In the first few weeks of the radio campaign with Am to Fm Promotions, Amanda's latest country single release has gained the support of over 30+ radio stations across Canada and counting. Amanda is grateful for all the support Dirty Up Good has received so far and would like to thank all the program directors who have chosen to add the single to their playlists! The campaign will continue over the summer months and Amanda is excited the single will continue to be heard by new audiences far and wide! 


Amanda’s One of a Kind Music Video Is Released for Dirty up Good!

Amanda is thrilled to be releasing her brand new music video for her recent single release, Dirty Up Good! Amanda teamed up with the company Animated Music Videos to create this unique, one of a kind video that captures the uplifting spirit and upbeat energy of the song. With personalized cartoon avatars, the video reveals the story of Dirty Up Good telling of the experience of Amanda finding romance with her husband in the most unexpected of places!


Amanda Receives Her First Western Canadian Music Award Nomination!

There are a lot of exciting things happening in June for Amanda and this was definitely one of them! Amanda received word that she has been nominated for Spiritual Artist of the Year in the 2022 WCMA Awards! The Nomination came as a wonderful surprise for Amanda as she recognizes the incredible pool of talent and artistry that exists in Western Canada.


Dirty up Good Makes the Top 5 DMDS Downloads at Country Radio!

Amanda was thrilled to receive news from Joe Wood & RDR Music Group that her new single release Dirty Up Good made the top 5 most downloaded songs by Canadian country radio on June 8th, 2022. Amanda would like to thank all the program directors at radio for downloading her new tune and can't wait to hear the song playing through the radio airwaves this summer!


Dirty up Good Is Now at Country Radio

Amanda is thrilled to be releasing her latest single to radio! Dirty Up Good marks the 5th single release from Amanda's latest album and her 10th official release to country radio! The song is a highly energized track, with an uplifting and infectious vibe perfect for cruising into the summer season. Dirty Up Good tells the story of finding romance in the most unlikely of places. Playing off the common phrase "you clean up good" Amanda speaks of her experience finding her car enthusiast husband surprisingly attractive after spending time working under the hood of his car. Perhaps a scenario that many couples in varied circumstances can relate to! 

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