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Fourty is the New Fourty!

The top 5 insights on my journey so far...

The big 4-0!!! The day has finally arrived and I find myself choosing to embrace this day as a real celebration, reflect on fourty years of life and share a few strokes of insight that have become the truths that illuminate my path today. I chose this title “Fourty is the New Fourty” because for me, I feel it’s time we stopped being so negative about aging and start appreciating and embracing what a gift life really is! Take the negative stigma out of the “O” word and choose to look at life differently. Fourty or any age for that matter doesn’t have to be deemed good or just is!! Honestly, I’m pretty excited to see what this next decade has in store and I wouldn’t want to wind back the clock. Here are the top 5 insights on my journey so far...


About This Blog...

If your new to my website or new to this page, welcome!! I've been looking forward to including this section on my website. My heart has been calling me to expand and pursue this area of writing now for quite some time.

To be “inspired” or as I've also heard the phrase to be “in spirit” to me means to rise and become highest and best version of ourselves in any given moment! 

There are countless opportunities for us all to be inspired and in turn inspire others through our example. I trust that the insights, personal stories and experiences I'll share on this page will find their way to those who are meant to read them just like the music I create will be heard by those who are meant to hear it!

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