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If You Want to Make God Laugh, Tell God Your Plans

Releasing control and surrendering to a higher perspective

“Where ever there is change, and wherever there is uncertainty, there is opportunity” Mark Cuban. The one thing that’s always been certain is the fact that in life, change is a guarantee. Change isn’t something most of us seek out. As humans, we are physiologically hard wired for survival which means in the face of threat and change, we respond exactly how we are supposed to. The fear response creates panic, resistance and apprehension to the wave of change and uncertainty flooding over us. If you are like me then you are someone that seeks to be “in control” or at the very least seeks to establish the “illusion of control”. As I observe my own reaction and the reaction of others to this current global pandemic experience we are all living, I see the response hard wired within us. 

We search and scan for ways to return to feeling safe and secure once more. As irrational as it may seem, buying a lot of toilet paper might just evoke a feeling of control and a sense of personal safety and security! Of course this type of approach may work short term, but what about the long term? We have no idea how long this time of uncertainty will last or how it will impact our future personally and professionally. So here we are at a sort of crossroads. We can continue to cling to the illusion of control and seek ways to maintain that control or we can let go and surrender. Surrender to a higher perspective filled with potential gifts and opportunities that most of us can’t even comprehend.

If you want to make God laugh, tell God your plans

Today I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing this blog when instead I would have been on set filming for a new music video in preparation for a new song release. I had all my ducks neatly positioned in a row, everything was planned and prepared. And then…it one giant swoop, the ducks were sent flying!  The illusion of control had disappeared in an instant.  After allowing myself to feel the sadness and disappointment, I began to recognize the opportunity presenting itself once more. I had the opportunity to practice the art of surrender. Just like the week before when my place of work was forced to close its’ doors leaving me to search for alternative options to serve my clients and earn an income. For so many of us those flying ducks are still air born and where will they will land? God only knows! Surrendering doesn’t mean we roll over and give up on those things that we so intently planned. Surrender means being courageous enough to sit in the drivers’ seat, let go of the wheel and trust that we’ll be guided on a path that leads us to our greatest and highest good. In this place our assignment is to wait patiently for signs and promptings to “inspired action”.  This in my opinion is what faith is all about!

There’s a gift in Being Forced to Slow Down

So here we are, in a state of surrender. Being forced to slow down and move out of the “doing” in to the “being” aspect of living can be down right uncomfortable. For the most part in western culture we are hard wired and driven for output. The “to do” list is relentless and the compulsion to achieve, succeed and “get ahead” keeps us stuck on the hamster wheel day after day. In our current situation without much warning, the breaks have been hit hard. Of course we are still going to engage in “the doing” through alternative means of occupying our time. There are always projects around the house, developing new skill sets for our careers, taking up a new hobby or interest. The time we now have to dedicate to these things is a gift in itself and poses great value if we choose to perceive it this way.  But what happens when we finish engaging in all the doing and there’s still time left in the day? Right now, there’s a lot of extra time and this isn’t something most of us are used to. You might be wrestling with feelings of boredom and restlessness while the uncomfortable sets in.

I’ve had a great compulsion to get back to the doing to avoid those feelings. However, I’ve been course corrected so many times on my own journey thus far and what I’ve learned is the road is always ultimately leading us back to the same place. It’s a journey away from doing to being which is in a nutshell, a journey of self-discovery. I know, this might sound way too philosophical but it’s true! Self-discovery begins with learning to become comfortable spending time with just you. You might begin by spending time alone in nature, dedicating some time to daily meditation or prayer, listening to inspiring online podcasts or content that resonates with you, or reflecting on ways you can be of service and help others during this time to name a few. I can’t tell you how this experience will unfold for you exactly but what I can tell you with absolute certainty is there is so much more to you than you realize and it’s directly connected to something so much bigger and greater than any of us can comprehend. If you are willing to dedicate some of this extra time to “going within” the gift of this opportunity will begin to reveal itself.

Faith Versus Fear – Navigating through fear and uncertainty

It all comes down to a simple choice. We can choose to remain living in a state of fear and uncertainty by attempting to live in the “illusion of control” allowing our minds to unconsciously react in a constant state of worry and fear through exposure to media and social content of our current global and personal situation. Or we can choose to surrender and trust, let go of control and make the conscious effort to use this time for things that connect us to that greater divine aspect of ourselves and the universe itself. If you still don’t really believe you have a choice, the whole point of me writing this blog post is to tell you with absolute certainty that you do! That doesn’t mean you won’t continue to feel the fear and uncertainty at times but you don’t have remain living in that state. This higher perception is always available to us waiting for us to connect to it. As someone who has learned to navigate and handle states of anxiety for many years I understand how challenging it can be to shift that perception and find that connection. Living through these difficult experiences past and present has given me the opportunity to discover and cultivate that connection. I strongly believe things in life don’t happen to us, they happen for us. Shift your perspective, see this time as a gift of opportunity and trust that in the end it is leading you to something much greater and grander than you could ever imagine!

Blessings & much love to you all,

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