Amanda Hagel Presents Songs for the Soul

Country/Inspirational Artist Amanda Hagel presents her Acoustic Concert Series titled "Songs for Soul". Accompanied by the incredible talents of accomplished musicians Scott Patrick and Curtis Korchinski, Amanda is thrilled to bring this one of a kind acoustic style concert series to intimate and beautiful venues around the province.

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Amanda's Birthday Marks the Her Own Drum Official Music Video and Digital Release Day!

Inspirational Country Artist Amanda Hagel presents the world wide release of her new single, Her Own Drum! Your inner child is the animated inner voice of your heart! When you begin marching to the beat of your own drum, the song you hear is that voice, the one that only you can hear, the song that leads you on the path to your life’s true purpose...

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Summer Grill

Growing Up Country

About Amanda

Amanda Hagel's earliest memories are set to music. Life on the family farm near Lancer, Saskatchewan revolved around music. “I grew up in a musical home. I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to hone my musical skills. I had lots of role models to look up to,” says Amanda.

About The Music

Rush is the aptly named title of Amanda Hagel's debut album. With this body of work, the Saskatoon singer/songwriter takes her audience on an emotional roller coaster.

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