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Inspirational/Country Music Artist Amanda Hagel has been hard at work since the release of her debut album “Rush” in the fall of 2014 developing her brand, building her music catalogue and gaining industry recognition as an indie artist on the rise across Canada and beyond.

Artist Statement:
"My musical mission has always been to create beautiful musical art that uplifts, inspires and awakens by speaking to the hearts of those that are meant to listen"

Amanda' Backstory

Growing Up Country

Amanda Hagel’s earliest memories are set to music. Life on the family farm near Lancer, Saskatchewan revolved around music. “I grew up in a musical home. I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to hone my musical skills. I had lots of role models to look up to,” says Amanda.

“As a kid, I remember asking for a guitar instead of a toy. I always knew I wanted to sing and play.”


About The Music

Debut Album Mirrors Life

When you open your heart and  let down your guard, emotions coming rushing in.

Rush is the aptly named title of Amanda Hagel’s debut album. With this body of work, the Saskatoon singer/songwriter takes her audience on an emotional roller coaster.


Press Release 2023

Amanda Hagel These Roots Promo 2 JPGInspirational country artist and certified personal trainer Amanda Hagel has established herself as an artist whose mission is to create music that uplifts, empowers and inspires her listeners. This Saskatchewan, Canadian garnered both national and international recognition for her work as a performer and songwriter. With numerous singles and albums already under her belt, including 11 singles to country radio and five singles that cracked the Top 100 at Canadian Country Radio, her last release Dirty Up Good landed her in the top country downloads and peaked in the Top 60 most spins on country radio. She has received numerous awards and has been nominated in several musical categories including Best Saskatchewan Album, Country Artist of the Year, Spiritual Artist of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, among others and has been expanding her reach into the U.S. with her music and official music videos which have landed on TV affiliates including Heartland,, Now That’s Country, Nashville Country Network, Sunday’s Kind of Country, etc.

As a profoundly personal and introspective person, Amanda is not afraid of sharing her experiences and life lessons she has learned through her songs. Coming off the heels of her last release, Dirty Up Good, which garnered national and international recognition thus cracking the Top 100 at Canadian Country Radio, she is back with a new tune released in February 2023, These Roots, which showcases her creative soul, undeniable musicality, shine and authenticity. “This is one of the most personal songs I’ve written thus far,” says Amanda. “I know the message will connect to the listeners on a very deep level when they reflect on their own lives and their ‘roots’ in terms of family and even community.” This awe-inspiring tune will reach listeners in a poignant, compassionate and wonderful way. Amanda hit an incredible milestone with this release having her official music video for These Roots premier live on the national syndicated U.S. Network, Heartland as well as landing the new releases page for

Amanda Hagel These Roots Promo 3 JPGThere's no doubt that despite Amanda's personal interest and established career in the health and wellness field, her true passion has always been centered around music. After picking up the guitar at the age of 9, Amanda developed her musical craft of songwriting and performing over many years. With musical influences including Martina McBride, Patty Loveless, Sara Evans and Vince Gill to just name a few, she has toured and shared the stage alongside prominent artists including award-winning Canadian artist Aaron Lines, Brad Johner, George Canyon, Aaron Goodvin, Jess Moskaluke, Jay & Jo, Alex Runions, etc. She showcases not only the depth of her songwriting but the beauty and uplifting nature of her music as a whole. When asked to describe her music in words, she replied back with “Inspiring. Soulful. Uplifting. Heart Centered.” She is on a mission to create meaningful music and share her talents and passion of music wherever she goes.

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What the World is Saying

"Rooted in rural Saskatchewan, Amanda Hagel is empowering — personally and professionally. A gifted musician, she uses her talents to inspire ever-growing audiences with her unique country style."
- CBC News

"It’s is a highly energized and uplifting track poised with a contemporary sound and style that’s unique and refreshing. Its message conveys one of empowerment speaking of the journey to discover and outwardly express your highest expression by following the promptings of the heart."
Cowgirl Magazine on "Be The Light"

“Soulful, honest and truly captivating!” - 5-star Review
LA MUSIC REVIEW on “These Roots”



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