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I Am a Spiritual Warrior and My Mission Is Love

Music has always been a form of deep personal expression for me. A way I can be of service and articulate stories and messages that come from spirit through my heart. This blog is intended to be yet another extension of that expression and service and lately I’ve felt the call to return to the keyboard to share my experiences and thoughts about what I perceive to be unfolding around us today. An important message I’ve been called to share. 

In one of my recent daily music rehearsals I decided to include the song “Love can Build a Bridge” by the Judds. I was drawn to re-introduce this song back into my set list this past year. I began to sing the song and was overwhelmed to tears when I got to the start of the second verse. “I would whisper love so loudly, that every heart could understand, that love and only love can join the tribes of man”...

I have always known this song was special but it wasn’t until this moment that I truly understood why. 

 My personal journey and spiritual path have awakened in me a perception of reality that’s so much grander and more expansive than I could have ever imagined. And this all began when I surrendered to the guidance and deep inner knowing that comes from my heart. A knowing that is directed through feeling and emotion. As an empath, I feel everything on such a deep level. But as is the case with being a human, it is in the dualistic nature of reality that our human experience can be fulfilled. Without sadness one would not know joy, without fear one would not know courage, without hate one would not know love, without darkness one would not know light. With this understanding I look out into the world and this is what I see unfolding. Best described in a personal message I sent to some family and close friends back in December 2020. 

Here’s the message I sent:
I had the most prophetic dream with dad in it last night. He is in my dreams once and awhile but rarely ever speaks. We were sitting together and he said “we are living through the great corona”. When I woke up I knew it was more than just a random dream. I never think that about dreams. Messages come through in our dream state and I believe our angelic guides speak to us in this state. 

The deeper meaning of dad's message, which I’ve been learning about for quite some time I believe, is about the grand significance of this time we are in right now. But you have to look at it from a spiritual perspective. The word “corona” comes from the Latin word “crown”. In Hebrew the word “Keter” or crown is translated as the most powerful connection to God. You can also think of our energy centers. The crown chakra above the head is the one that connects us directly to the divine. 

The “great corona” is what could also be interpreted as and is referred to by some, the “great awakening”. Waking up to discover who you really are! It’s a path of discovery that started many years ago for me and I continue to express this through the music I create! 

 This time, this whole experience of a viral pandemic has accelerated this great shift taking place within so many people. Being forced to slow down, to go within, to heal and to reconnect to the divine. (I don’t believe anything we experience in life is random, this virus outbreak was not random) Most people don’t know how to articulate what they are feeling but they know something big is happening. I’ve had a few friends actually say this to me. Moving from states of fear, disconnection, service to self, separation, control and struggle to rising up and moving into states of love, unity, service to others, sovereignty and connection. I see people all around me starting to question things, the media, the political many social and structural systems are being looked at and observed like never before. Our hearts and our intuition are becoming our greatest superpower to discover the truth! 

In the coming months, I think we’ll see the biggest changes in our consciousness and our connection to each other will shift profoundly! I find it can be hard to share this kind of info but after my dream last night, I just had to share with a few!! Moving from darkness to light, exciting times ahead!

It is very apparent now more than ever what state is currently playing out in our world. But underneath this state of fear, separation, service to self, control and struggle there’s a powerful force beginning to emerge. When I broke down into tears singing, I felt it deeply. This force seeks to unite, not divide. This force seeks to serve others not to serve self. This force seeks connection not separation. This force seeks to uphold and protect sovereignty not to oppress. It is a force that embodies our true nature and once unleashed its power is limitless. 

I am a spiritual warrior and my mission is LOVE!

I hope you enjoyed the article! Watch the video below to listen to my special live acoustic version of Love Can Build a Bridge!Blessings to each and every one of you and blessings to our world :

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