Amanda Releases "Her Own Drum" to Country Radio

Amanda is thrilled to announce the release of her brand-new single "Her Own Drum" to country radio on Monday August 12th! Amanda has teamed up with music management and promotions company AM to FM Promotions to deliver the single to radio across the country and beyond.


Her Own Drum Inspirational Video Series Part 2 Has Been Released!

The idea to create this series came directly from my heart!  Whether its a professional or personal decision, living from this space is where I find lifes’ greatest joy and fulfillment. In Part 2 of my Her Own Drum Inspirational Video Series it’s obvious gifted painting artist Cheryl Tuck-Tallon has listened to the promptings of her heart. An incredibly inspiring conversation from beginning to end!  Watch the video below:


Amanda has officially launched the "Her Own Drum Inspirational Video Series"!

Her own Drum add FacebookOver the last few months Amanda has been planning the release of a one of a kind video series that highlights the entrepreneurial journey of three inspiring women. Amanda felt a calling to create this series as a way to capture the message and meaning of her brand new single "Her Own Drum" set to be released in mid August. Using the amazing talent and videography expertise of Nolita Studios, the series features conversations that are meaningful and impactful. For Amanda, the goal is always to create content that is of service to others.


Amanda's Collection of Covers Vol.1 Album is now available!

Amanda is thrilled to announce the that her Collection of Covers Album is now available across all major digital purchase and streaming sites as well as on CD copy through the website shop section! The promotional video features photos taken from Amanda's numerous video shoots for all the songs on the album as well as her recent concert series which promoted and celebrated the upcoming album release!


Amanda Releases a Very Special Music Video for Her Collection of Covers Song Series!

Amanda is beyond excited to officially release the tenth and final song, Coat of Many Colors (Ft. The Hagel Sisters) on her Collection of Covers Vol.1 full length album. The song features vocal performances by two of Amanda's older sisters Paulette and Bernadette. The video (see below) features rare and precious footage from Amanda's family farm during the early years when Amanda's parents and older siblings were very young.

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