When I See You Again Video Now Available

Amanda Hagel's latest video is out! She shares her inspiration about the song:

"Ten years ago my dad Tony lost his fight with cancer. I began writing this song shortly after as a way to not feel so much sadness. To imagine what it would be like the next time we would see each other brought a sense of hope, of peace and was a way for me to reach out musically and say hello every time I sang the song.

Over the years I kept the song close to my heart and dreamt that one day I would be able to put this song on my very own album. I'm not sure what my dad would think about being featured in a music video but I know he'd be proud of the message this song brings. Have faith, have hope and believe that the one who brought us in to this life will someday reunite us to be together again."

Video produced by Sica Films - sicafilms.ca
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