Listen With Your Heart (Official Promo Video)

It's beginning to feel a lot like CHRISTMAS! Amanda’s heart is bursting with immense excitement and gratitude! The moment has finally arrived and the official launch for "LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART" is here! Released to Canadian COUNTRY RADIO on November 15th, here's a sneak peek behind the scenes look at the inspiration and meaning behind the song!


Listen With Your Heart – Christmas Album Release Coming Soon!

Amanda is beyond excited to make this BIG announcement!! Things are wrapping up in the studio and stages have been set for her brand new CHRISTMAS ALBUM RELEASE titled "Listen With Your Heart"! Along with this album release Amanda will also be releasing her Christmas single “Listen with Your Heart” to Country Radio on November 14th. The single will also feature a brand new music video set to be released to the world along with the album on November 23rd.


Somebody Like You – Keith Urban (cover by Amanda Hagel)

If you are a country music fan then there’s a really good chance you will be familiar with Keith Urban’s massive hit, “Somebody Like You”. This song was chosen as Amanda’s third and final “Cover Song Summer Series Release”. Amanda has always been a huge fan of Keith and his music and couldn’t wait to release her very own rendition of this awesome song!


The Edge of Glory - Lady GaGa - (Cover by Amanda Hagel)

The second release from Amanda’s three "cover song Summer release series" may have come as a bit of a surprise to some of her fans but for Amanda, the song selection reveals the diverse range of music she has drawn inspiration from over the years. Amanda has always appreciated and respected artists like Lady GaGa who push the creative boundaries, have an immense amount of talent and passion and are not afraid to express and celebrate their authentic selves through their craft.


Don’t Stop Believin'- Journey (Cover by Amanda Hagel)

One of Amanda’s favorite songs to sing live is Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. It is no surprise then that this epic 80’s rock song is the first release of Amanda’s three cover song Summer release series. For Amanda the song rings with an anthem of hope and positivity and each time she has the opportunity to sing it live she always feels that connection and energy with the audience.

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