"Alone" - Cover Song Summer Series Release

Release Day is officially here! Canadian Country Recording Artist Amanda Hagel is back for the 3rd season of her annual “Cover Song Summer Series Release” in 2018 with a raw and emotionally captivating one of a kind rendition of Heart’s 1987 mega hit “Alone”!

Produced by Jesse Weiman of Nolita Studios, the song features some of Saskatchewan’s finest musicians including Kristan Couture (violin), Curtis Korchinski (piano/vocals), Pat Thurlbeck (lead guitar), Matt Facca (bass). Add this song to your collection: available on iTunes and Apple Music now! 


Amanda’s Highly Anticipated Brand New Single “What Brand of Country Are You” Has Officially Been Released!!

Amanda couldn’t wait for this release and she’s excited to finally share it with all her fans! While Amanda has had many musical influences that have shaped her sound and style over the years, her true musical roots are embedded in the songs and artists that make Country Music the great genre that it is today!! Amanda teamed up with All Star Producer Bart McKay and his stellar team to bring this song to life and the amazingly talented Andrea An of Nolita Studios to create a one of a kind video that captures the songs infectious energy and cool country vibe!! The song is available on all digital platforms for download, stream, to add to your favorite playlist but most of all…to Enjoy:



Amanda’s Brand New Single Released to Country Radio March 19th!!

As the face of Country Music continues to evolve with new sounds, styles, and ever growing sub- categories, Saskatchewan based singer-songwriter Amanda Hagel was inspired to write a song that asks the fans of country to answer one straight forward question…”What Brand of Country Are You?” While Amanda has had many musical influences over the years that have helped to develop her own sound and style,  there’s no question that Amanda’s true musical roots are imbedded in the artists and the songs that have made Country Music the great genre that it is today!


Wild One ... Amanda's Great Country Women of the 90's Cover Song Series out Now!

Canadian Country Recording Artist Amanda Hagel has now released the final track of her Great Country Women of the 90's Cover Song 2017 Summer Series Release! Amanda's remixed rendition of Faith Hill's 1993 smash hit "Wild One" strikes the perfect blend of authentic country sound with an energetic modern groove. Amanda spent a lot of time as a kid in front of her bedroom mirror singing along with this awesome girl power song. Song available on iTunes now!

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