Amanda's Third Single Hits Country Radio

After two successful radio releases for “Back Seat Everything” and “Before We Call it a Night” Amanda is releasing the third single from her album Rush titled “Come on Say it Again”. The song speaks of how during the initial stages of new relationship couples have no trouble letting each other know on a regular and frequent basis how much they like one another. Each will do and say anything just to make the other person happy. As most of us know once a few years go by these specific “languages of love” seem to dissipate. 

For Amanda this song is a reminder of some of the things every woman needs from her significant other to keep that love tank full!! With a good dose of humor and an authentic sound that is nothing but country, “Come on Say it Again” is sure to leave audiences pondering what three words they want to hear from that special someone!

Check out the official lyric video below for the single and sing along!

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