Amanda's brand new single release in 2023

Amanda brand new single "These Roots" is set for its worldwide release on February 10th, 2023 and shortly after this, the official music video release on February 24th. Amanda would describe this new song as one of the most personal songs she's written yet and in a recent social media post, she shared a personal and heartfelt moment about the song and its deeper meaning.

Along with this photo here's what Amanda shared:

If I could go back today and sit down with this little girl as she’s learning how to play her first chords on her first guitar....I’d tell her about all the music she’ll write and record someday, all the videos she’ll make, all the shows she’ll play and all the amazing people she’ll get to create and collaborate with on her musical journey!Lastly, I’d tell her that on February 10th, 2023 she’ll release a song to the world with an incredible message that speaks about this time she is living right now. And before I leave, I’d ask her to give mom & dad an extra big hug!
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