Amanda's Birthday Marks the Her Own Drum Official Music Video and Digital Release Day!

Inspirational Country Artist Amanda Hagel presents the world wide release of her new single, Her Own Drum! Your inner child is the animated inner voice of your heart! When you begin marching to the beat of your own drum, the song you hear is that voice, the one that only you can hear, the song that leads you on the path to your life’s true purpose!

It is Amanda's great privilege to share a video (below) and song that tells the story of the song she's been hearing since I was a little girl! Her Own Drum is available now on all major digital and streaming music platforms!

  • Videography by Andrea An, Nolita Studios
  • Song Producer Jesse Weiman, Nolita Studios
  • Song mixed by Ryan Anderson, Anderson Productions
  • Song Mastered by Trevor Case, Case Mastering

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