Amanda Releases a Very Special Music Video for Her Collection of Covers Song Series!

Amanda is beyond excited to officially release the tenth and final song, Coat of Many Colors (Ft. The Hagel Sisters) on her Collection of Covers Vol.1 full length album. The song features vocal performances by two of Amanda's older sisters Paulette and Bernadette. The video (see below) features rare and precious footage from Amanda's family farm during the early years when Amanda's parents and older siblings were very young.

Amanda would come along many years later but having been blessed to be raised by such a loving family, Amanda sought to pay tribute special tribute to her mom and family. The Collection of Covers Vol.1 Album is now available in CD hard copy and across all major digital music purchase and streaming sites!

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  • Song produced by: Jesse Weiman of Nolita Studios, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Video produced by: Andrea An of Nolita Studios, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Special thanks to 2018 SCMA Fiddle Player of The Year Kristan Couture and guitarist Jesse Weiman for their beautiful instrumentation on this song!




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