Amanda Releases a Live Performance Video for Her New Song "Love You Home"

As a deeply introspective person, Amanda’s songwriting is centered around personal heartfelt experience with messages that are meant to uplift and inspire. Love You Home is a song Amanda drew inspiration to write after witnessing one of her sisters care for their mother in the last stages of her life. This display of unconditional love, moved Amanda so deeply she felt inspired to write this song as a dedication to all the caregivers who selflessly love and care for those in the last stages of life.

The song & video were captured by the Sask Mic Recording Series Team in one take, with one mic and one camera! Amanda’s delivery of the song was an emotional one and even though she knew there would be challenges, she felt compelled to capture the song in a format to share and spread its beautiful message at this time!

Amanda would like to dedicate this song to all those wonderful caregivers who Love so many Home ❤️

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