3 Ways to Motivate yourself to get Moving!!

Amanda Hagel by Written by 

Every year fitness clubs are swarmed with new members eager to kick start the new year with a renewed commitment to their health and wellness. Fast forward 4 months in to the new year and the traffic has slowed down, the shoe racks are half empty and the regular fitness club members are happy the frenzy is over.  After years of observing this trend I began to seriously wonder why so many people lose their motivation to move in in such a short time frame. After talking with many successful long term exercisers, here are the top 3 ways to get motivated and “ADD” regular workouts in to your weekly schedule!


Having something or someone to hold you accountable on getting your workouts in each week is by far one of the top strategies to making regular exercise a reality. During the initial phases of starting a fitness routine, internal motivation is usually high while people are excited to make the commitment in anticipation of the results they will attain and the positive way in which they’ve kicked off a new year.  Once the excitement wears off after a couple of months and the reality of juggling work and family schedules combined with the lack of fitness results and the reality that exercise is actually physically challenging stops the commitment dead in it’s tracks. The cold hard truth about fitness results is they don’t happen overnight so it’s important to get that notion out of your head! This is where accountability strategies come in! Hire a personal trainer, get a workout partner such as a friend or your spouse to hold you to a set workout time, set a time frame goal with a special event to attend like a big vacation or family wedding or putting a reward system in place like treating yourself to that new pair of shoes had your eye on once that first 10 pounds comes off!  Any of these strategies will  help to get you through those moments when your ready to throw in the towel!!


Determination is described as the quality that makes you try to do or achieve something that is difficult. Is starting and then maintaining a regular exercise routine difficult? You bet it is and that’s why determination is one of my picks as the key to motivating yourself to move! Have you ever set fitness goals that you wanted to achieve? Losing a set number of pounds, fitting in to that old pair of jeans or running that first 5km race? Whatever the goal, once it’s been set and you’ve made the choice to start moving the important factors to consider are, what kind of time frame do I want to achieve the goal in and is this goal realistic in the time I have given to accomplish it? Fitness results take time and so does developing positive habits. The commitment to your scheduled workout sessions will take time to become a habitual activity. I always encourage new clients to give me at least 6 months of commitment and you’ve got to do the same. This will ensure the habit of exercising at scheduled times has been formed, fitness results are clearly noticeable and you will actually find that you physically feel the effects of not exercising…you actually start to feel sluggish and in need of a positive mental and physical boost from your workout. Talk about taking the motivation to move to a whole new level!!


To have discipline means you have self control and a strong mental character. The one thing that’s reinforced over and over when it comes to being successful is that discipline is part of the foundation in which that success is built. When it comes to making regular exercise a reality, having the self control to say NO to those things that take precedence over your scheduled exercise time is the key to staying on track. I have to say I think I’ve heard just about every excuse in the book when it comes to the reasons why a client missed a workout session. Life can busy, stressful and sometimes a little messy but it’s up to you to work through the temptation to say “ahh forget it” I’ll just get a workout in tomorrow. If you do have to miss a workout session that’s okay as long as you’ve picked an alternative time and day to get it done!

Do you think you have what it takes to get motivated to move and not to be one of the New Year’s resolution drop outs? I know you have it in you!! ADD regular exercise in to your life by being held accountable, be determined through realistic time line goal setting and be disciplined to say YES instead of NO to your scheduled workouts!

I’d love to hear about your personal journey to get moving…comment or message me anytime!